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At BellaShell we think the dream reception- your reception- should be stress-free and hassle-free and we’ll see to it that it is. But first, we’ll need you to indulge us this one request: Don’t worry about anything. Not the food or the flowers, not the cake or the entertainment, not one single thing… not even time. In fact, don’t even worry about wearing a watch when you’re with us because we’ve set aside all the time in the world just for you, for helping you plan the perfect wedding reception and to seeing that all the details are completed. From start to finish and everywhere in between, we’ll be with you every step of the way. We want you to remember that this is your time to relax and enjoy being pampered. Now let’s get started.

First, let’s get to know each other: Tell us all about the things you want that’ll make your day just perfect - the food, the flowers, the music, the cake- tell us everything! Don’t skip a single thing and don’t worry if you don’t Catering Themed Dinnershave all (or any) of the details worked out because that’s why we’re here; to listen and to make it all happen. From the caterer to the cake, the flowers to the photographer even the entertainment and wedding official, we have the resources to put everything together for you just the way you’ve always wanted it. We have the experience too because we’ve been creating fabulous beach weddings in southern, coastal Delaware for over 18 years and, whether they’re traditional or trendy, each and every one is custom made and finely tuned to your specifications and our exacting attention to detail.

Keep in mind that with us, the sky’s the limit so any flight of fancy you have or desire you need satisfied is definitely possible; we’ve converted wide open beaches into beautifully enclosed and decorated reception sites, we’ve built fireplaces and royal thrones for Medieval Weddings and we’ve even turned a family farm into an authentic Indian Ceremonial Marriage site. So, if you’re idea of a beach wedding goes a little bit beyond the basics- let’s say all the way to Never Never Land right here in the dunes, Las Vegas in The Vineyard or a Night in Paris, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower under the stars, we can make it happen for you.

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